How to Write A Level History Coursework

How to Write A Level History Coursework

The coursework is a vital part of your history course, and it is important to know how to write an excellent paper. Many students get stuck writing coursework, or worse, write an essay that isn’t worth the grade they deserve. Here are some helpful tips. Firstly, you should find different sources to support your argument. Next, you should find out who the correct sources are and why certain events happened the way they did. Lastly, you should know the proper length for your paper.

Finding sources

Finding sources for an A-level history coursework is a vital part of your assignment. Using primary sources is essential for high marks, but there are also other ways to find reliable material. Secondary sources, which are not primary sources, are books and articles written by historians about the subject. Without the work of historians, the investigation is essentially worthless. Therefore, it is important to find several secondary sources that will support your arguments.

When it comes to finding sources for your A-level history coursework, there are a few steps that you need to follow. First, you have to make a bibliography of all resources you have used to research your topic. Books must be listed alphabetically by surname. You will need to include the full title of the book, as well as the author’s name, publisher, and year of publication. Articles should have their names, publication date, and the journal in which they were published.

Finding historians with different views

When writing your history coursework, you should try to find historians with different points of view. You should consider the arguments of these historians and use evidence to support your position. Avoid relying on just one or two books for information – instead, find two or three main sources with clear arguments and three primary sources that demonstrate your ability to analyse sources. You can also try to compare and contrast two different points of view if you think you can get a better understanding of the different points of views.

In your coursework, you should choose two historians whose works you can use to support your own point of view. Ensure that the historians have different interpretations of the same period, so that you can demonstrate a range of historical debates. You should also ensure that you use historical analysis, evaluation, judgement, and interpretation. To do this, you can use the same question formulations that you would find in a history coursework exam – ‘To what extent do you agree or disagree with that historian’s view?’

Finding the right length

The first and most important step in finding the right length for an A-Level history coursework is to know what it is for. Typically, this essay should be between 2,500 and 4,000 words long and deal with one theme. If you have a question about how to get an excellent mark, the best way is to ask a teacher for advice. The next step is to find a suitable length from the guidelines provided.

The A-level history coursework must be around three thousand to four thousand words long and be worth 20% of your final grade. To get the highest grade, you should use primary sources and analyse at least two different perspectives from historians. It is possible to include more historians, but keep in mind that you are only required to evaluate two. Make sure you read enough books and research thoroughly. Also, be sure to reference your sources in a clear, systematic way.

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