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“Experience is a comb given to a man when he is bald”(Oscar Wilde). Sometimes it may be true, but usually, you benefit from your experience and it helps you to manage similar situations occurring in the future. You may learn and make conclusions quickly, often from a single case or situation, or it may take longer, requiring a sequence of situations or problems of common origin. Learning something from your own experience or the experience of other people as well as from information accumulated by previous generations is an ongoing process that continues for all your life, regardless of whether you study at some higher education institution or not.
Of course, you don’t necessarily have to attend college or university to be able to learn something, but it is very helpful as you become familiar with different methods and techniques of collecting, analyzing, sorting, processing, comparing, classifying, verifying and summarizing information. It provides an opportunity to discover new ways of thinking, discussing, and approaching facts from different angles and points of view. Why should you study at a university, why study different subjects besides the one you choose to major in, and why should you try to learn as much as possible during your student years?
Apart from qualifying for a good job and earning a living, studying and learning is essential for acquiring other skills that are very important such as determining your priorities and goals in life, the ability to identify current and potential problems, develop a plan for solving them, find the best solutions as well as to help other people to deal with their problems. Another major issue is learning to cope with stress, which has become a part of our everyday life and is a key factor in many situations. Psychologists suggest various methods and techniques of coping with stress, but besides studying them and finding the ones that would work best for you, it is just as important to know the ones that wouldn’t. The most dangerous and inefficient are: aggression and violence, gambling, smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, eating, addiction to shopping, and computer games.
Why should you try to learn other subjects and skills besides the ones you consider to be most important? While you are young, you have more time and opportunities for it. It’s hard to find enough time for sports, traveling, socializing with friends, studying abroad or learning another language, attending an art course, or a drama club when you have work, family, and kids.

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