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Some advice you would give yourself when looking back at your student years.

• While you are a student, there are certain things worth trying to have accompanied by “excellent” and “good” definitions: grades, reputation, and friends.
• There are things worth discovering and trying even though they are not always an entirely positive and pleasant experience, such as traveling, camping, partying, extra-curricular activities, job opportunities, relationships, joining a sports team, getting a new hobby.
• There are also other things we all are familiar with, but most of us tend to leave them out or consider to be of secondary importance until starting to have some health problems: staying fit and controlling your diet. While the human body is a unique system that seems to function automatically, failures and malfunctions may occur when it’s being neglected, just as with any other system or mechanism you know. Good overall health is not a permanent value, but a variable, greatly depending on your lifestyle and habits, rather than on inherited factors and environment (as people used to believe for quite a long period of time). It’s a well-known fact nowadays, proven by substantial scientific research, but still, it is being often ignored. Health is commonly taken for granted when young, but with such an attitude, it may require a considerable amount of effort, treatment, and expenses later as you get older. Having regular meals and regular exercise is essential for your health while having enough sleep as well as getting up and going to bed at approximately the same time every day is great not just for your health, but also for your well-being, good humor, and mood, working ability, and a comfortable psycho-emotional state.
• Take care. Extreme kinds of sports, performing different stunts, parkour, motorbike racing, and just plain speeding may seem to be fun today but can result in serious injuries that might limit your future activities and opportunities. Other things may not be as dangerous as accidents and injuries, but you probably won’t be happy with them happening right now – such as pregnancy, or poor eyesight due to large amounts of time spent in front of the computer or playing on your mobile device.
• Later on, you will learn a lot from the others’ experience and your own experience. So far, try considering and analyzing the facts you know or the information you can find about a certain activity to involve in before you make a decision.

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