Moments to remember

Your student years are a great time to remember and to tell about to your friends or children – it is something that happens once in a lifetime and stays with you for a lifetime. Or maybe it doesn’t? Perhaps it just depends on how good your memory is? Well, yes and no. It also depends on your efforts to save any data and information you would like to keep and remember.
It may seem that you can easily recall any details of the latest events, your first year at the university, your friends’ lifestyles and habits, or the funny things that have sometimes accompanied your student experiences. You would be surprised to find out that most of these will be completely lost or hard to remember in a few years. So it is a good idea to take photos and notes, to record and save the details you find important or entertaining – and of course, the dates, because dates are usually forgotten more quickly than anything else.
All types of information are easy and fast to save on a computer or some other digital device, but still, a lot of people prefer to keep a diary (of an old-fashioned written type or a modern online one) or to record information on the back of their printed photos or the pages of photo albums.
Boxes and drawers with photos someone has never managed to find enough time to sort out and arrange properly are less likely to be found in our houses, closets, and attics nowadays. They have been replaced by online photo galleries, personal websites, files, and folders, as most people keep their photos on their computers, their web pages or use various digital storage devices. Less of a mess – yes. Easy to access – yes! But unfortunately, this is not absolutely always true. Sometimes you lose internet connection or run out of battery power just exactly when you least expect it to happen. Sometimes you can’t remember which folder do those photos belong to that you took last winter or a few years ago when you decide to show or send them to someone. Besides, any web service or storage device may fail occasionally – perhaps you have already experienced some problems with certain web pages or images being displayed correctly.
The photo albums lined on a bookshelf are less common today than they once used to be, but still, it’s a good idea to print some of your favorite photos and make a photo album.

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