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The teaching activity involves the presence of at least two major sides: the objective one as a set of methods and techniques of work that are traditionally used by the lecturer and the personal one as the way how the lecturer uses such methods and techniques depending on his/her own personal characteristics and abilities. Most often, the master of the craft is a lecturer who owns pedagogical skills, his/her own individual style. At the same time, the objective side of this lecturer and his/her work should not contain anything principally new.
The main task of the lecturer is a simplification and at the same time stimulation of the educational process of the student. In other words, it is the ability to create a corresponding atmosphere, intellectual and emotional situation and atmosphere of the psychological support. The ability of the lecturer to present the studying material to the students making it understandable for them, the ability to present the issue in a clear and consistent way, cause the interest to the subject, initiate the active independent thinking of the students are the major components of the successful lecturer. The lecturer with such abilities can turn something difficult into easy, something complex into simple and something incomprehensive into something clear and understandable. The skillful lecturer knows the subject not only to the necessary extent but also in a more wide and deep way. He/she always follows the discoveries in the scientific world, has a free knowledge of the material, and shows interest in it. One more important feature is that the lecturer should have the ability to understand the internal world of a student as a personality. Along with that, there should be the ability to present the material in a clear and consistent way using not only speech but also gestures and pantomime. This is one of the major components of such a profession as a lecturer as the transfer of the information from the lecturer to a student has in general nonverbal character. The material presentation should be made in a way so as to activate the thought and attention of the auditory at maximum. As can be seen, there are a lot of things that depend on the ability of the lecturer to present the material in a necessary way. One can notice that each student who will be interested in the subject will be studying even hard diligently. That is why it is important to have the lecturer who will provide such an interest in the subject.

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