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Some advice you would give yourself when looking back at your student years.

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• While you are a student, there are certain things worth trying to have accompanied by “excellent” and “good” definitions: grades, reputation, and friends. • There are things worth discovering and trying even though they are not always an entirely positive and pleasant experience, such as traveling, camping, partying, extra-curricular activities, job opportunities, relationships, joining…

Why should we study

By Essay Lab

“Experience is a comb given to a man when he is bald”(Oscar Wilde). Sometimes it may be true, but usually, you benefit from your experience and it helps you to manage similar situations occurring in the future. You may learn and make conclusions quickly, often from a single case or situation, or it may take…

A Nice Occupation Besides Education

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Along with family and friends, studies and work, monotonous daily routine and household chores, people usually have some interests and hobbies, some favorite things to do and activities they enjoy. You may know some people who have a lifetime hobby, others change their likes and interests quite often and are always willing to try something…

High School Teachers

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The teaching activity involves the presence of at least two major sides: the objective one as a set of methods and techniques of work that are traditionally used by the lecturer and the personal one as the way how the lecturer uses such methods and techniques depending on his/her own personal characteristics and abilities. Most…

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