A Nice Occupation Besides Education

Along with family and friends, studies and work, monotonous daily routine and household chores, people usually have some interests and hobbies, some favorite things to do and activities they enjoy. You may know some people who have a lifetime hobby, others change their likes and interests quite often and are always willing to try something new.
Being a student means having a busy schedule, but of course, you need to have some time for yourself and for some kind of a hobby. In my opinion, photography is the most interesting and useful hobby to have while you are a student.
Photography is not just about buying a cool camera and taking pictures everywhere. It is also about things you can do with your photos, processing, changing, overlaying or combining them, which is a lot of fun. As you learn methods, techniques and skills necessary for taking pictures and processing photos, you may find yourself genuinely interested in it and pleased with the results you get. This could even become your future profession or an additional source of income.
You certainly have a lot of photos, anyway – whether you consider photography to be one of your hobbies or not. What do you usually do with them? Do you remember where exactly they are stored and can you find a single photo of your or your friends’ choice easily? Do you remember when and where were they taken, the names of people in the photo and why they are there, what happened before or after you (or someone else) took that photo?
Depending on the amount of time that has passed since the moment captured by your camera, you may find answering such questions easy or more difficult. It is worth recording these and other details in some way you find convenient, to avoid them being swept away by time. You have several options: integrating texts and signs into your photo using basic photo processing technologies or special online services, inserting photos into usual photo albums with pockets, information written on the back of the photo, sticking them to photo album pages along with notes, or making a proper scrapbook with all sorts of material used for its design. You can also order a photo book online featuring the photos and designs of your choice. Making a photo album or a scrapbook yourself as well as ordering a photo book to be printed is also a great gift idea for someone special.

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